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District Administration Rayagada rescue, relief ops taken on war footing

Rayagada District correspondent (Amulya Nisanka): This time, the district administration rather responded to the problems over heavy downpour of the last three days. Collector Guha Punam Tapash Kumar monitored the relief and rescue operations.

In Serigumma GP of K Singhpur block, two houses were partially damaged at Tumbitarai village and rainwater entered into four houses. Free kitchens started for eight houses at Tumbitarai school for 40 people.

Besides, rice of 5 kg each and potatoes and dal of 1 kg each were provided to three families of Tala Anchalbadi, Parlapai, and Podichuan villages. The dry food comprising of biscuits and snacks were distributed to all the affected. Three families residing in unsafe houses were shifted to nearby Anganwadi Centre at Talaanchalbadi village till Monday.

Nine pucca houses were partly damaged in Kashipur. The PWD road to Pitesu got damaged at Pitesu nullah and the RD road to Penta was washed away. Breaches occurred in Kuli AP border road at Kuli area.

Slit soil from hilly side got deposited at Utkapadu and rainwater overtopped the road at Mirabali. Komtalpeta-Kalyan Singpur road also faced a similar fate. Concerned officials were instructed to undertake the repair works instantly.

The fallen trees at Lakubadi village of Rayagada Tehsil which is three km from Gumma were cleared for smooth passage of vehicles.

At village Sulipadar of K Singhpur block two persons, Madan Laya (65) and Yosoda Laya (60), died due to the collapse of the wall. Their families were provided assistance under Harish Chandra Sahayata Yojana. The Tehsildar, K Singhpur was instructed to submit a proposal immediately for sanction of ex-gratia to the next of kin of the deceased.

Heavy rains disrupted train services in the district. Railway officials worked on the track on the war footing to restore the services as early as possible. Bhalumaska railway station track which is between Rayagada and Koraput railway stations was flooded. The train No. 18447 Bhubaneswar-Jagdalpur Hirakhand Express got stuck in the section.

The water levels in the Kalyani, Nagavali, Jhanjabati, and Bansadhara rivers have receded and there is no risk of flood, stated official sources. The officials at the health centers and block development offices, local police, fire brigade and para-military forces, etc were instructed to be alert. The administration has arranged necessary transport in the cutoff areas.


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