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Arshad Warsi shares ‘Racist’ meme regarding corona virus, is becoming trolls fiercely

New Delhi (Odisha News24): Film actor and comedian Arshad Warsi is being trolled on social media due to a funny tweet about Corona virus. He is being called insensitive. Arshad Warsi was played as a circuit in the movie ‘Munnabhai MBBS’. Known for the role.  Arshad shares a meme while trying to pinch amid the outbreak of Corona virus. After this, he is being targeted fiercely. Sharing a mime made about a scene of his film, Arshad Warsi wrote, “Take such steps to stop the corona virus from spreading.”

He was then trolled on social media. People did not like Arshad Warsi’s tweet and demanded that it be deleted. The tweet has also been described as ‘racist’ and ‘insensitive’. The scene of Munna bhai MBBS is shown in the viral movie, showing his character beating an Asian tourist and then presenting it to Sanjay Dutt.  Arshad wrote in his tweet, ‘My friend sent me this very valuable information.’ After Arshad Warsi’s tweet, some spoke of humiliating people through jokes. Others have said to commit crime by doing so. Given that the virus has so far claimed 213 lives in China. The report states that more than 9,600 cases of novel corona virus infection have been reported.

To Arshad’s vulgar comment, a user tweeted, “Racist comment … please remove it.” Remove immediately. We cannot be racist and support attacks on Chinese citizens. Most of the northeastern people will be targeted because of this stupid meme. ‘

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