America: Fleming, 20 people killed and 24 injured in entering Walmart store; Gunman arrested

Washington(IANS): At least 20 people have been killed in a firing in the US state of Texas, Texas-El Paso. 24 people were injured in this shootout. Texas Governor Greg Abbott confirmed this incident. He has described it as one of the darkest days of Texas. The fierce firing took place in a Wal-Mart store near Cielo Vista Mall just a few miles away from the US-Mexico border on Saturday. Police have taken the accused gunman into custody.

Earlier, CNN was quoted by Olivia Zepeda, Chief of Staff, Mayor of El Paso, as saying that several people died in the firing at the mall. The accused gunman has been arrested. Texas Mayor Abbott praised the police officers who arrested the accused. According to the American media, the suspect gunman has been identified as Patrick Krusius, resident of the Dallas area.

CCTV footage shows a gunman. In the US media, a man is shown wearing a black T-shirt with an ear protector and an assault rifle.

Police spokesman Sergeant Robert Gomez said the only suspected gunman is 20 years old. The first report of the shooting came to light around 10 am. Police spokesman Sergeant Robert Gomez added, ‘We have secured the Walmart and we have secured the Cielo Vista Mall. We do not think there is any danger to the public at this time or there are any other shooters.

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