The speeding truck has snatched the innocent Hareli

Rajnandgaon(01/08): In the village of Rajnandgaon, on Thursday, the joy of the festival was changed to a weevil. Here a truck took the 5-year-old innocent girl in her grip.

The unruly truck hit the girl, which killed her on the spot. The villagers took control of the truck after the incident. The police have arrested the truck driver. Since the incident, the weeds are the shadow in the village. According to the information, there has been an accident in the village of Machanpar in the district of Tumdibod Chowki. Here the MH 43 E7386 number truck took the five-year-old girl Priyanka Patel, who was crossing the road on the way to Dongargaon from Tumbdibod, in her grip. He died on the spot. After the incident, there was a crowd at the rural spot. He kept the truck and truck driver under his control. Police reached the spot and explained the angry villagers and arrested the truck driver. Sub-inspector BL Patel of Tumdibod Chawki told that the villagers are demanding compensation for their families. The truck owner has been informed of the incident.

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