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Do not suspend officers, but will be removed from the job: Urban Administration Minister Dr. Shiv Dahariya

Raipur(Odisha News24): Urban Administration Minister Shiv Dahariya held a meeting at New Circuit House on Tuesday. In the meantime, while talking to reporters, he said that the officials, who are negligent at work, will now not get suspension but will be removed from the job.

It is seen that the officers of suspending them are reckless and recklessly. For this reason, if the 20-year-old job-seeker gets his work done, then he will start working directly. Minister Dr. Shiv Dahariya held a review meeting of officers of the City Administration Department. During this time many officers have disturbed the department. It told the media that on Monday two executive engineers have been suspended. Because they had made DPR on grounds of land, railways, and grass under both the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme. With this, the government had trouble, due to this I have suspended two engineers. He said that even today in the meeting, some people were complaining that they were being negligent in the work as well as the officers’ behavior was not proper. That is why all the engineers and CMOs have been taken action today by giving notice to them. At the same time, any officer who has completed his 20 years of service and is being negligent at work, then such officers will not get any notice or suspend. It has been decided to withdraw directly from the job. Because there are frequent suspensions and they get disturbed after being restored. For this reason, big action will be taken.

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