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The worker attempted suicide outside the Congress office in Delhi

Delhi(Odisha News24)(02/07): A worker outside Delhi’s Congress office has tried to commit suicide. As the workers were going to hang, the people present there caught him.

During this, the activist said that Congress President Rahul Gandhi should withdraw his resignation otherwise I would commit suicide. Workers and leaders of 24 Akbar Road lawn are sitting on indefinite strike. They are demanding the withdrawal of the resignation from the worker. Among those who attended were Delhi’s party leader Rajesh Lelothia, Shobha Ojha and Jagdish Tytler. Lilothia said it is our demand that Rahul Gandhi should remain in his position. He said that the defeat in the Lok Sabha has the responsibility of all the party leaders and Gandhi cannot be held guilty alone. One day earlier, Chief Ministers of five Congress-ruled states met Rahul and had urged him to lead the party like the Congress president. After winning just 52 Lok Sabha seats by Congress, Gandhi has offered to step down as party chief. (Photos from ANI)

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