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Pro-incumbency mandate and true victory is proof of BJP coming back to power- Modi

Osaka (June 27): Addressing the Indian community in Japan, PM Narendra Modi said that the world today sees India as the ‘gateway’ of the possibilities. Foreign investment is also increasing rapidly by looking at the steady government’s fast growth rate in the country.

Terming the BJP-led government re-elected as the victory of truth, PM Modi said that India expressed confidence in this prime minister. It is true that after 1971, the country has given a government-in-pro-incumbency mandate for the first time.61 million people voted in grueling heat. If you leave China, this number was more than the population of any country in the world. After this speech of PM Modi, Jai Shri Ram’s slogans are also started. Apart from this, a large number of people also vandalized Vande Mataram. PM Modi told the people of the Indian community settled in Japan that you sit here and do a great assessment of our work. He said, ‘Many times when you sit in the stadium and watch the match then it is known that where the mistake happened, how did it happen. So, when you see the match sitting away, you know more. “PM Modi thanked the contribution of the Diaspora Indians in their victory. He said, “Some people sent letters to the people of their village, sending an email. You too made the country alive in some way to democracy. 130 crores Indians have already strengthened. He said that there has been no major democratic election in the history of humanity. If anyone breaks this record in the future, then it is India. As an Indian, we all are proud of this. PM is also going to inspire this.

PM Modi said, “A link to our relationship with Japan also connects with Mahatma Gandhi. Incidentally, this is also the year of their 150th birth anniversary. His learning was that do not look bad, do not listen and say bad. India’s child and child know it well. Very few people know that the three monkeys who Bapu chose for this message belong to the 17th century Japan.PM Modi said that both Japan and India consider service to be the largest religion. India considers the largest religion to be selfless service and Japan has shown it to live. All Indians, including Vivekananda, Tagore, Subhash Chandra Bose, and Mahatma Gandhi, strengthened the relationship between Japan and India. Japan has also been in love with India. After World War II, relations between the two countries began to grow stronger. Images Courtesy: Google

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