Chura Liya hai Tumne jo Dil ko…today also resonates the voice of the Pancham Da

Mumbai(27/06): R. D. Burman, the great musician R. D. Burman, who is enchanting with his melodious music in Bollywood, is not among us today, but his voice sounds resonant in the particles of Fijian, who, when he hears, the only sound comes from the heart of the audience – ‘Chura Liya hai Tumne jo Dil ko’.

RD Burman was born on June 27, 1939, in Calcutta. His father, SD Burman, was a renowned musician of the world of music. Due to the film environment at home, he also turned his attention towards music and he started taking music education from his father. He also studied sarod playing with Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. In the film world, the name ‘Pancham’, famously known as RD Burman, got this name when he recited the actor Ashok Kumar with five songs of ‘Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa’. At the young age of nine years, Pancham Da made his first tune, ‘A Meri Topi Palat ke Aaa’, and later his father Sachin Dev Burman used it in the film ‘Fantush’ in the year 1956. Apart from this, he was composed for Tune Hyaar, who made his Chakraya Gurudutt film ‘Pyaasa’.Launching his cine career, RD Burman collaborated with his father as a composer assistant. These films also include superhit films such as ‘Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi’ (1958) and ‘Pappar Ka Phool’ (1959). As a composer, he started his cine career in 1961 with Mahmood’s produced film, ‘Chhoti Nawab’, but through this film, he did not make any special identity.

The story of RD Burman is very interesting in the film ‘Chhoti Nawab’. Although Mahmood wanted to take as a composer SD Burman for the film ‘Chhoti Nawab’, but his SD Burman did not recognize any special life. Since RD Burman was son of SD Burman, Mahmood decided that he would talk to RD Burman about this. One day Mahmood left RD Burman in his car and left for a walk. Traveling on the road well, so RD Burman took out his mouthful Argan and started playing it.

Mahmud was so impressed by his tune-up that he abandoned the intention of giving work to SD Burman in the film and gave him an opportunity to work with Pancham da in his film ‘Chhoti Nawab’. In the meantime, RD Burman, along with his father, also provided music for films like ‘Bandini’ (1963), ‘Tin Debiyan’ (1965) and ‘Guide’. In the year 1965 as a composer, Pancham da, from ‘Bhoot Bangla’, which was released in the year 1965, became somewhat successful in making his film debut in the film industry. The song ‘Ao Twist karen’ has become very popular among the listeners. Finding his own life, RD Burman had to struggle in the film industry for nearly ten years. Through the evergreen songs like ‘Aaja-Aaja me hun pyar tera’ and ‘O Haseena Julfonbali ‘, the superhit song ‘Tisri manjeel’ of the producer Nasir Hussain, a producer-director who appeared in the year 1966, he reached the Bundles of musician Shoharat. The year 1972 proved to be an important stop for Pancham Da’s cine career. His music was shadowed in many films like Sita aur Geeta, Mere Jiban sathi, Bombay to Goa, Parichaya and Jawani Diwani this year.

In 1975, Pancham Da composed the song “Mehbooba Mehbooba” of Ramesh Sippy’s superhit film ‘Sholay’, while Pancham Da composed the songs of ‘Sholay’ while talking about the music of his music in several films like ‘Andhi’, ‘Dewar’, and ‘Khushbu’. Expert in experimenting with music, RD Burman prepared a new tune by mixing music from the East and West. However, he used to have a lot of criticism for this. To sing their such tunes, they were looking for a voice that would be composed in their music. This voice was found in the playback singer Asha Bhosle. For the third floor of the film, Asha Bhosle has sung songs like Aaja-Aaja Me hun Pyar Tera, O Haseena Zulfon and O Mere Sona Re Sona. After the hit of these songs, RD Burman chose Asha Bhosle for songs related to his music. For long periods playing together with each other in the music, both of them lived together for the rest of the life and continued to keep the audience enchanting with their super hit songs.

After the failure of the film Sagarika in the year 1985, the producer-director turned his back on him. At the same time, the second blow came when the producer Subhash Ghai signed musician Laxmikant-Pyarelal in his place in the movie Ramlakhan. After this, his music was liked very much in the order of permission, Liwas, Parinda, 1942 A Love Story. In addition to music direction, Pancham Da has given voice to many films. A versatile talent, wealthy RD Burman, besides his music directing and singing, made his debut in the audience with his acting in films like ‘Bhoot Bangla’ (1965) and ‘Pyaar Ka Mausam’ (1969).

RD Burman has given music for about 300 Hindi films in his career of more than four decades. In addition to the Hindi films, he got drunk from the audience with the magic of his music in Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Oriya and Marathi films. Pancham da has been honored with the Filmfare Best Music Award three times in his cine career. These include ‘Sanam Teri Kasam’, ‘Masoom’ and ‘1942 A Lover Story’. Film songs have also been successful in winning the audience’s heart with Pancham da non-film music. His production album ‘Pantera’ with American musician José Floros was quite popular. For four decades, Pancham Da, who was disturbed by the melodious music waves, gave the world goodbye on 4 January 1994.

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